Recognizing False Documents/ID

Start Time

15 SEP, 2017
08:30 AM

End Time

15 SEP, 2017
12:30 PM


Curaçao, Scharlooweg 61


In many different settings persons are required to provide identification and/or documents to receive certain services or information. The need to provide identification/documents can be related to activities such as travel, seeking employment and financial transactions. When you or your organization are at the one receiving documents it is important that you are able to assess the authenticity of the documents. Equally important is to assess if the document belongs to the person using it.

Using different techniques forgers can make it hard to recognize false, or falsified documents. Therefore it is important to know which details you should be looking at. Also essential are the steps to take if you do find yourself with false/falsified documents/ID’s. This training will assist you in this process.


  • Authenticity of documents and ID’s
  • Commonly forged documents
  • Recognizing false/falsified ID’s
  • Recognizing false/falsified documents
  • Dealing with false/falsified documents/ID’s

Target group

  • Front office staff
  • Compliance staff
  • Human resources staff
  • All staff tasked with receiving and evaluating documents/ID’s


After this training participants will be able to better evaluate the authenticity of documents and identification. Furthermore, they will know the steps to take if they encounter false/falsified ID’s and/or documents.


There are no requirements for participation.

Duration of the training

The duration of the training is 4 hours.


Price: ANG 345,= p.p.

Costs includes:  Training sheets and Certificate of participation.